Crafting graphic novels is a profound Zen practice that consumes my creative journey. Inspired by the realistic and expressive works of esteemed Italian artists Alessandro Nespolino and Bruno Brindisi, I embark on a personal odyssey to bring forth a series of novels that delve into the depths of social injustice, inequality, the enigmatic underground lifestyle of artists, and the intricacies of post-modern spirituality. These self-published works mark the beginning of my own artistic venture, where I strive to weave narratives that resonate with the human experience.

SONG FOR DAMBALLA / written and drawn by Davide Di Saro’

BEYOND THE NORTH WIND / written by Nicholas Waters drawn by Davide Di Saro’

SOLID LIGHT -GENESYS- written and drawn by Davide Di Saro’

Sci-Fi/Fantasy free style work in progress 2022

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