//Pimple On The Nose

Directed and animated by Davide Di Saro’

funded with the generous support of Canada Conuncil For The Arts, Digital Originals 2020

Festivals 2021-22
  • Ottawa Film Festival, Ottawa
  • Fantasia Film Festival, Montreal
  • Anibar International Animation Festival,  Peja, Kosovo
  • Fantoche fest, Switzerland
  • Utopiales, Nantes, France
  • MOTELX International Horror Film Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
  • China Independent Animation Film Forum, Nantong, China
  • MATV channel, “Fantasia tout court” , Canada

Pimple On The Nose.
Animated work by Davide Di Saro Music composed by Ronley Teper
Music recorded by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners

Techniques: Pimple On the Nose is a mixed media animation produced
using 2D, 3D imagery, rotoscoping techniques and original drawings for
characters and backgrounds.
Shooting format: digital
Aspect ratio: 16:9

This is the big adventure of Red the Pimple which, by crossing
multiple dimensions and surviving vertiginous falls, dives through
psychedelic landscapes into a milkshake of colourful voracious
creatures. The Animation is a mirror of our modern ambience and
out-of-control society through a steadfast transformation, so quick
that to survive through creativity is here shown as the only possible
salvation. This red pimple’s journey is a true heroic escapade. With
the resurrection of a dormant-giant-donkey that governs the world’s
destiny, he will naively reach the same peaceful destination still
waiting for everyone else, where death or healing it’s equally a new beginning.

//Lucky And Finnegan

Directed and animated by Davide Di Saro’

//Ton Plat Favori music by Malajube

Directed and animated by Davide Di Saro’ and Mihai Wilson

// The Broken music by Coheed And Cambria

Directed animated by Davide Di Saro’ and Mihai Wilson

-Sony Records-

//It’s Okay music by Land Of Talk

Directed and animated by Davide Di Saro’ and Mihai Wilson

-Saddle Creek Records-

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